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Guangdong Yidu Technology Co.,Ltd. Its main products are inkjet media and digital printing photo paper, which are widely used in the industry of advertising design, architectural design, wedding photography, office and personalized digital print output etc..

Warehouse management

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Human Resources

Post name:
Warehouse management
Discussed personally
Working place:
Guangdong Province-Huizhou City-Huicheng District
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
1-3 years
Education background:
Senior high school
Release time:
Post description:

Job Responsibilities

Familiar with the logistics operation process and relevant standards and specifications, skilled in computer and office automation software.

Job Requirements

1, careful and careful, with a strong sense of responsibility
2, there is warehouse manager work experience is preferred
3, health, hard-working, obedience management

Recruitment Contact Person: 0752-3953299